Raymond Rosal has been the Rector of the IACC, Professional Institute, since 2013. The institution  was the pioneer and current leader of the 100% online education industry. Mr. Rosal has over 11 years of professional experience working for Apollo Education Group and Apollo Global, implementing higher education projects for online institutions across North and Latin America.

Between 2005 and 2008, he worked as the in the Enrollment  Department for the University of Phoenix in the Latin America division. In 2008 and 2009 he was in charge of implementing the online education modality for the Meritus University of Canada. In 2010 he arrived in Chile to work as the Director of Student services and Enrollment  Department, providing support to the online education modality for all the institutions that are part of Apollo Global in Chile where his main focus was the IACC Professional Institute, where he had the chance to implement and optimize all their institutional processes. During his tenure as the Rector of IACC, the number of students in the institution increased by 400%, consolidating the institution as the one with the highest rate of growth in the education industry in Chile.

Mr. Rosal acquired an Arts degree with a major in Psychology at the University of Tennessee, and obtained an MBA from the University of Phoenix.